1. A Case Manager will be in touch with you
  2. Receive detailed information from our Team (including a price quotation and information about your doctor, procedure(s), hospital and accommodations)
  3. Share all medical records,MRI/X-Rays with us.
  4. Discuss all details with your CM during your personalized process.
  5. Complete your personal medical questionnaire for the medical team’s evaluation.
  6. Finalize your procedures and trip itinerary.
  7. Discuss with Surgeon/Doctor/Dentist via a conference call if required.
  8. Depart for your chosen destination to India.
  9. Meet and Greet by your Host Country Manager (HCM) at the airport.
  10. Meet your doctor for the initial consultation and pre-op testing.
  11. Undergo your treatment process as suggested by the doctor/ hospital.
  12. Take advantage of sightseeing/shopping.
  13. Depart for your travel back home.
  14. Your CM will call to follow-up and hear all about your wonderful experience with our team.