Shiksha Arya- Shiksha Arya, the co-founder of MediHub believes that her entire life changed when she realized that having your own venture is better than working for somebody else. The true blue Delhi girl has achieved her Masters degree in Business Administration. The elder Arya sibling is the ultimate workaholic who simply cannot do without wi-fi and when she is not working loves to spend time with family and friends. Some of her best business ideas have come out of casual conversations with friends. While a majority of the population would go any lengths to minimize risks, Shiksha finds inspiration and thrives on risk. She loves being challenged and would prefer doing things that are not like a walk in the park. Finding strength and support from her parents, she sees herself as a innovator and aims to completely change the health industry. MediHub is Shiksha’s absolute priority and she has always kept the wellbeing of the organization at the forefront. Amibitious and fuelled with impeccable leadership skills, Shiksha undoubtedly brings a sense of grounding, vision and progress to MediHub.

Mayank Arya- The second half of the founding duo, Mayank Arya made his dream of working in the heath sector come true with MediHub. Not only did the organization offer him the opportunity to move ahead in life, he believes it has also made him stronger as a person. Then younger Arya sibling loves all things luxurious and you will most likely find him vacationing in Europe when he is not working. Mayank loves handling challenging situations in business and believes that challenges not only make an organization stronger, but also positively transform all the people involved. Inspired by his sister’s work ethic and sincerity, Mayank brings a youthfully confident vibe to the organization and aspires to bring MediHub in the forefront of change in the heathcare industry. He cherishes the values of sincerity and dedication that MediHub is built on and has always worked tirelessly to ensure that these values are upheld.